4 April

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e-commerce opportunity for easter


Easter is something celebrated across the Western world, but what is particularly interesting is how people are starting to search for more than just chocolate easter eggs online.

Customer Behaviour:

As you might expect in South Africa, searches for pickled fish recipes have increased by 194% over the Easter period. Similarly, searches related to Easter actually start increasing from as early as February and continue rising until April. People are searching for things like recipes, family entertainment and (thanks to lockdown) ideas for how to do Easter egg hunts at home or indoors.


Extrapolating from this, we can see that some of your most receptive customers over Easter will be people who enjoy celebrations with family, home décor fundis, people who are into cooking and foodies who’d rather have gourmet brought to them than make it themselves.


Of course, you can’t pivot your entire business to make pickled fish just for Easter, despite the search interest we’ve seen. However, what this is showing is people are looking for activities and recipes to do themselves, at home. Consider how you could wrap your product into an activity for the family during this time or how you could sell a family time experience to people, not just your product.