20 June

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e-commerce opportunity for father's day

Father’s Day

Isn’t it time Dads deserved more than just socks for Father’s Day? We know they can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but there must be something more interesting, surely!

Customer Behaviour:

During the national lockdown in 2020, searches related to Father’s Day increased by 85% year on year. And on top of that, searches for gift ideas for Father’s Day almost double from last year. That’s a significant uptick.


What is key here is ensuring that your marketing efforts are linked to what your customers are searching for. Advertising in a more personalised way can help people find that special thing for their father that they’re looking for.


If you think about, the notorious difficulty of buying gifts for Father’s Day actually provides you with a real opportunity. If you can offer some useful solutions and show people what you offer to meet their needs, that’s a great way to sell your product with a real emotional connection. By using Facebook ads combined with Google Search ads you will be able to share your ideas visually and cash in on the customers who then want to buy.