6 Ways to Get More Referrals to Your Website Using Google Ads (and How Adbot Does It For You)

Are you struggling to grow your website traffic and not seeing enough results with SEO alone? Digital marketing is a vast playing field where everyone is welcome, but to win, strategy alone will only get you so far. You need to add some tools to power up to the next level of business growth.

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This post will introduce you to the basics of using Google ads and artificial intelligence to get more website traffic. Before your eyes glaze over, relax, this post is not crammed with tech and software jargon. Think of it as a simple (but game changing) business chat over coffee. OK?

The importance of digital marketing with Google ads

So, your business is online. Your website is SEO-optimized (aka people can find you using typical keyword phrases for your niche) and your content strategy is rolling like a well-oiled machine. Email newsletters are going out, social media posts are scheduled (or it’s on your to-do list, right?). Good, well done. These are the basics.

How to promote my website for free on Google

Free, in this case, means not paying for Google Ads. It’s doable, but much more of a long-term game using the basic tools we just mentioned. Additionally, you can set up a Google My Business account, a Google Maps listing, and add products to Google Shopping.

How to get website traffic without going broke on social

You’ve probably already tried running some ads on social media and were either disappointed or burned a hole in your pocket or both. The problem with ads on social is that, without solid customer feedback data and demographics (background on who your ideal customer is), it’s difficult to get any decent amount of success without spending a LOT. It’s like trying to enjoy proper pasta without sprinkling a generous amount of cheese on top. Sad.

Enter Google Ads. It is so much bigger than social, and by using tools with artificial intelligence (that gather data for you to optimize your strategy), you can get much more bang for your buck. More bang sounds good, right?

Why Google Ads is an extremely effective form of conversion marketing

You may remember Google Ads as AdWords. This is Google Ads’ pay-per-click (PPC) system, where you pay Google for every time a viewer clicks on your ad. The beauty of it is that in combination with strategies like SEO and organic search, you can get excellent results. Measurable results. You can see exactly how much bang you’re getting for your buck (as in how many clicks, how many conversions, etc.).

Eight compelling reasons to use Google Ads:

  1. It’s a scalable method, i.e., you can easily increase the amount of leads you want to get without spending more time and effort. If you see your ad campaign works well, simply increase your budget on it.
  2. It’s way easier to measure your results than with SEO and social media, where so many other variable factors also play a role. It’s like having a more precise recipe versus a little-bit-of-this-and-that recipe.
  3. It’s more flexible in terms of customization towards your needs, your target audience, keyword targeting, where your ads are displayed globally, etc. With SEO, you can work with your strategy, but ranking results aren’t guaranteed.
  4. Obviously, the above also means that Google Ads gives you faster results than SEO (which typically takes at least 3-6 months to start paying off). In fact, Google Ads can help improve your SEO strategy because you will see which keywords and sections of your target audience respond best.
  5. It’s easier to keep going with PPC than SEO, which requires more effort in maintaining and updating content.
  6. Google Ads is winning monopoly on the SERPs (the search engine results page), meaning that Google Ads dominate the results you see on page 1 of a Google search at the top (which people do click on). If you can’t beat them, join ‘em!
  7. Google Ads offer more appealing ad formats that get you more clicks compared to organic listings.
  8. It’s cheap to start!

How to get more leads and referrals with Google Ads

Now that you understand how effective this is, let’s get into the basics of how to use Google Ads to grow your business online. Then, we’ll show you how Adbot can make it even easier, better, and more powerful.

The basics of how Google Ads works

The basic method is to choose targeted keywords that apply to your product or service that people use in search queries. You bid on the keywords based on how much you’re willing to spend per click, and then when someone searches using the keywords you bid on, your ads will come up at the top of the search engine results page (along with other relevant ads).

When you set up search network ads (that have more appealing visual elements), they also appear on Google’s other platforms (like the Google Play, Maps, Images, and Shopping tabs), attracting even more potential clients. This means that people can come across your ad while scrolling through YouTube videos, opening their Gmail, or looking at related mobile ads.

When someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay the amount you bid on that particular keyword (typically up to $3 unless you’re in a super competitive niche).

How to make Google Ads work even better

Remember, the above is only the first setup. Next, you need to consider where the viewer will go when they click on your ad — your website or landing page.

  1. Make sure that your landing page
  • loads fast,
  • is easy to navigate,
  • looks professional,
  • and that it makes it irresistibly simple and compelling for the viewer to enter details on a form (get those subscribers and leads coming in).

When you’ve got that going, follow it up with the next three steps:

  • Keep testing and tweaking your bids, keywords, ad messaging, etc. Remove keywords that aren’t getting results.
  • Add closely matching variations of keyword phrases to the ones that are working.
  • Use long-tail keywords that don’t require as much spend to compete with as the short ones.
  • Apply the results to your SEO strategy for all your online content.
  • Use Adbot to manage your campaigns quickly, painlessly, and efficiently.

Now let’s see what can happen if you go all in with all the basic strategies, Google Ads, and the fantastic benefits of artificial intelligence.

Enter Adbot, your smart friend that picks up on all the metrics of your ads that are working well and manages it for you.

How Adbot’s artificial intelligence helps you with google ads

Adbot is a machine learning bot working as your Google Ads helper. It’s really simple to use. No super techy knowledge necessary. You don’t need to work your way through an email series or online course to make it do its magic for you, and it sure beats the expense of hiring a virtual assistant!

Once it’s set up, Adbot saves you up to 75 hours a month and is 100% more effective than a human campaign manager. Cheers to 75 hours not spent on fussing over ad campaign spending and enjoying more income from better results instead!

Adbot puts your google ad campaign on steroids

If you’re enough of an expert to understand the back end of the digital marketing world, this certainly takes some of the mental load off. If you’re technologically challenged, it’s a godsend (like coffee with a shot of Amarula) because you won’t need to spend hours figuring it out before you use it.

If you have an established business and want to scale up your digital marketing to the next level without paying obscene agency fees, this solution is a perfectly accessible fit. Awareness always comes before sales, and for awareness, you need traffic. Adbot is your automated referral booster, growing your conversions for you. Think of it — easy campaigns + easier conversions = growth! Business success doesn’t have to be difficult.

You can set up a Google Ad in under 15 minutes, get your keywords automatically optimized, and get reports you can understand at a glance. Adbot is the expert, so you don’t have to be. Check it out here and see for yourself.

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