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How to Keep Selling When Supply Chain Issues are Affecting Your Stock

Supply chain disruptions create scary and uncertain times for businesses and customers alike. 

While stock-outs are not always avoidable, what you can control is the customer experience around the product. This will help to determine whether or not a customer returns again in future – despite potentially missing out in the moment. 

What can you do to ensure that supply chain issues don’t put a stop to your sales? 

  1. Show a low in stock message even before it is going to be out of stock.This could lead to an increase in sales if you create ‘urgency’ for the customer to buy the product before it goes out of stock.
  2. Allow customers to pre-order with a clear message of the delay in shipping. 
  3. Notify your customers when the product is back in stock. 
  4. Provide offers/discounts to customers. If the user has still become a little frustrated with your current lack of availability and decides to leave your site, this could be your final chance to either retain a potential customer or at least understand their frustration a little better.

Remember that forecasting demand can alleviate disruptions.  By looking at when sales spike and which products are selling the most, you can get a clearer idea of how many units to order.

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