Intent Marketing – Create High Impact With a Low Budget

We know that a marketing budget is always finite, which means you have to make the money you have, work for you. With intent-based marketing, you can direct marketing campaigns to people who have a buying intent. This means that you minimize the money you spend on more generic marketing.

What Is intent-based Marketing?

In essence, intent-based marketing empowers you to remove the element of guesswork. Intent-based marketing focuses less on demographics and more on the behaviour of people. Instead of asking what the ideal customer looks like, it asks why would the ideal customer be on this website in the first place – in other words, what are your customers actually looking for, and what are their needs. 

How does intent-based marketing work?

First, it analyses the behavior of your target audience online and then uses that data on buying behavior to tailor marketing offerings to customers.

The great thing about intent-based marketing is that it allows you to focus on the right leads at the right moment. By making use of a marketing strategy that uses intent data, you’ll find out what prospective customers are browsing and making inquiries about before they discover your business. You can then concentrate on providing solutions through campaigns and targeted ads.

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