9 May

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e-commerce opportunity for mother's day

Mother’s Day

Finding something really special for Mother’s Day is just what online shopping is made for. Across the globe, people are searching for things like ‘unique Mother’s Day gifts’ during this time. It’s clear the pressure is mounting to get your mom something really incredible!

Customer Behaviour:

Even though we were in lockdown last year for Mother’s Day, searches related to Mother’s Day increased by 20% from 2019. That’s telling us that even though the world is in a difficult space, people still did their best to find unique gifts for mom.


In the lead up to Mother’s Day, broadening your category keywords for Google Search is a great idea. Think about keywords like Mother’s Day shopping, flowers and greeting card. Adding remarketing is a great choice here, as you can display your message multiple times to interested customers.


Online shopping has made it easier than ever before to find something really special for your mom. Platforms like Kamers or Superbalist are a great example of where people go to find unique gifts. We suggest driving traffic, not only to your website but also, to your product pages on these platforms a month before Mother’s Day. When customers find your product available through another site it reinforces trust.