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Adbot helps SMEs advertise their businesses online, specifically on Google search, in order to reach their correct target audiences and generate revenue. There are only two options for SME business owner to advertise on Google; Either they do it themselves or pay an agency to do it for them. Most SME owners don't have the expertise to do this alone, the time to manage it, or the budget to pay an agency to manage it on their behalf. That’s where we come in. Adbot uses AI to automate this time-consuming and often confusing process, giving SMEs the day-to-day campaign management required to manage an online advertising campaign. Adbot adds keywords you didn't think of, it adjusts your copy and it finds the best bidding strategy to ensure your ads gets the most clicks at the lowest cost.
And not only is it 100 times more effective than a human, it saves business owners time, which means they have the freedom to focus on building and growing their SMEs and valuable customer relationships.
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