12 April – 12 May

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e-commerce opportunity for Ramadan


Ramadan is a special time where family and friends get together and exchange gifts during the holy month, culminating in a big celebration at Eid.

Customer Behaviour:

Because Ramadan is based off the lunar calendar, it changes from year to year. Search traffic in South Africa around Ramadan centres quite strongly on finding out just when it takes place. Searches tend to peak in the first week of Ramadan and taper off as we get closer to Eid. This shows us that people are looking for information and to learn more about the holiday itself.


People who are interested in jewellery, sweet treats and home décor are great audiences to speak to during this time. People are always looking for special gifts to give to those close to them. As they search for gifts, being their when they’re looking for something is a great way to create an emotional connection with a customer.


Ensuring your campaigns are running prior to the first week of Ramadan is key. As we can see there is a massive spike in interest during this time and you wouldn’t want to be caught flat-footed. As Ramadan continues and move towards Eid, think of how you can focus more on messaging about celebration and gift giving, to really make a difference for your customers.