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Heritage Day (Braai Day)

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Heritage Day on September 24 is a day that celebrates South Africa’s roots and her vibrant and diverse cultures. And it has become tradition for many to celebrate with a braai with loved ones. 

Customer Behaviour:

According to Google Trends, South Africans’ interest in 2021 peaked during the week leading up to the annual public holiday, with the search terms “heritage day history” seeing a +200% spike and “happy heritage day” with a +70% uptick. If Search trends are anything to go by, then this is certainly a time to reflect on and celebrate South African history and cultures.


While we know that Heritage Day is about way more than just braais, we also know that a good braai is one thing that unites South Africans, regardless of their heritage. 


Start your communication for braais and Heritage Day at least a week before the holiday. Remember to celebrate the original reason behind this awesome holiday and the diversity of South Africa.

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