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We automate and optimise your Google campaigns using AI that gets better results than any human.

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What does
Adbot do?

Adbot saves you time and money by automating your Google Ads. It’s simple, easy and transparent so you can be the hero your business needs you to be.
No more bloated agency fees, just a reliable intelligent system that ensures your business is visible online. Adbot tests multiple different ways to display your ad and different search results to show it next to, so your marketing is optimised and improved without expensive human input. You don’t have to learn it all yourself, bribe a friend to help you, or pay an ‘expert’.

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Google Ads is the best way to ensure visibility on Google’s search engine. It’s grown over time into an incredibly powerful, but complex tool. Using parameters like location, keywords, time of day and a number of other factors you can really focus on the people who are searching for something related to what you offer and show them something relevant. This requires a lot of tinkering, a lot of time and often a fair amount of money. That’s where we step in.

Millions of people use Google every day to look for information. The chances are, there are a bunch of them who would be very interested in your business, based on what they’re searching for. By using Google Ads, you can get your business and brand seen by people who are already actively searching for something related to your offering. Think of it like a trusted suggestion from a friend who knows you want to buy something, instead of a billboard on the side of a highway, blasting a message at every single car that drives past. And best of all? You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

The good news about computers is that they never sleep. And as long as you keep them plugged in, they keep working. So you can focus on your real work or have some ‘me time’. Our machine learning tech cuts out loads of people we’d have to pay to ensure you’re seen on Google. Because we can keep our costs down, we can pass that saving on to you. On top of this, because our tech continually optimises the way it shows ads to people, we’d like to think that you only pay for the important stuff: Getting people to your site.

It takes less than 5 min to set up your campaign.

To see how easy it is to set up your Google ad campaign watch the demo in this video 👈🏽.

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