Measuring Online Advertising

How to Level Up Your Adbot Campaign

Are you stuck with running your Google Ads on Adbot? Never fear, we are here to help! Check out the steps below.

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Do these 5 things to increase your results immediately. 

1. Help Your Adbot ????
Log in to Adbot every week to help your Adbot learn faster. At the bottom of the overview page is a section where you can approve or disapprove searches related to your business. Tinder for keywords ?

2. Create More Ads
People use different words to find the same thing. If you add more ads you increase the ways for customers to find you. You can also link people directly to a product and not only your home page.

3. Add Specific Keywords
Make your keywords as specific as possible to your product or service.
Example: If you are selling jewellery, specific keywords like “buy jewellery online” or “jewellery commissions in cape town” will get you more clicks than “jewellery”.

4. Add Sitelinks
You can create a shortcut to your contact page, your shop, or even your social media platforms. Navigate to Your Advertising and scroll down to the Advanced Settings.

5. Get Customers To Call You
Add a phone number so that customers can call you without having to load your website. The best part? Your report will tell you who called and how long you chatted.

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